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Integral Memory Inc - Encrypted Solid State Solutions

Integral Memory Inc is part of Integral Memory plc, one of the largest digital memory producers in Europe with more than 24 years of sales success.

Integral was founded in London, England during 1989 and quickly became one of Europe's leading DRAM specialists. Over the next two decades Integral expanded its product range as the solid-state flash memory market matured. Integral has long-term partnerships with leading component suppliers including Toshiba, Samsung and Hynix. International sales offices have been established in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the UAE and most recently the United States.

The Integral range comprises of cutting-edge Hardware Encrypted SSDs that have been FIPS 140-2 validated, with AES 256-bit encryption; ensuring sensitive data stored on the SSD cannot be compromised.

Our passion is to bring you the latest memory products built on quality, reliability and great prices.

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